Bérénice is a project registered in the framework of the European funding INTERREG, granted for three years.


For who ?

Berenice addresses the structures of the social and cultural field in the Greater Region, which work for social integration, especially for foreigners, and who are interested in access to culture for all.

How ?

Through the rapprochement of the arts and “remote” audiences, Berenice aims to create new spaces for debate and dialogue among different actors, in order to work out together a mediation adapted to all. Bérénice is also a platform of welcome and resources, for the accompaniment of foreign artists, refugees in the Greater Region

Why ?

The aim is to network all these structures in order to better collaborate and communicate in the transboundary area of ​​the Greater Region. Berenice is an opportunity to compare ways of doing things, to compare points of view, and to invent new ways of working together.

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